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An introduction to Astronomy

Astronomy is the oldest science, with the first observations of the heavens conducted by our early human ancestors. Historical records of astronomical measurements date back as far as Mesopotamia nearly 5000 years ago, with later observations made by the ancient Chinese, Babylonians, and Greeks. Humans seek to explain their world with (internal) models; one of the earliest is that the affairs of humans and the world are controlled by the positions of the stars and planets. Although astrology is now regarded as a pseudoscience it was the original motivation for the mapping of the stars and the assignment of constellations.

Astronomy is more than simply a mapping of stars and planets into outlines of gods and magical creatures. It is the scientific study of the contents of entire Universe – stars, planets, comets, asteroids, galaxies, and space and time – as well as its history.

NPAstro provides a platform for students to gather and learn and share about the history, culture and science of this vast universe. This CCA will be teaching about the types of objects that are common in the Singapore skies, how to get started with a telescope, and more advanced activities like astrophotography to which the newcomer can aspire.


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