Earth Hour 2013: Post Activity Reflection

Preparation for the event started at late evening,where our members set up the telescopes and members from the Board Games Club did their necessary preparation as well. Sadly, due to the bad weather, the sky wasn’t clear and there wasn’t much we can see through the telescopes.


Su Jun, our president trying to align the telescope!


Another group of us trying to balance the mount.

Though the sky wasn’t clear, we still manage to see the moon through the scope and took photo of it.


(Photo Credit to Yu Bin’s Earth Hour Moon)

One simply never get sick of looking at the moon! ^.^

We played a few rounds of board game after ob-ing and without knowing, it was already more than half way through the event already. Sadly, there wasn’t any photo showing us playing the board game.

Next, we had fun playing with laser pointer and started messing around with it.



Attempt to write out NP ASTRO.

Well, that’s roughly what we did during that night, it would have been more awesome if the weather’s better..but I’m pretty sure we all had fun that night!

Also, special thanks to all that make this event possible, NP Board Games Club and those who have attended !


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