SAO prize giving ceremony and Observatory Visit


Dear Astronomers,

For this week, we’ll be going to the Science Centre to attend the Singapore Astronomy Olympiad (SAO) prize giving ceremony. Just to give a brief background, SAO is similar to the Olympics. Except that instead of competing in sports, we compete in astronomical knowledge. This event is the announcement of the winner which the Singapore schools competed in. The winner will represent Singapore in overseas competition among other countries.  The details of the event is stated below:

Date: 3 May (Friday)
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm
Venue: Science Centre Singapore, Mendel Auditorium

Guest of Honour:  Mr Cheong Chee Hoo, Director, Networks Division, DSO National Laboratories
Guest Speaker:  Mr Jonathan Hung, President, Singapore Space and Technology Association


5.45 – 6.00pm – Meet at Clubroom (Seventy3 #01-33)
6.15 – 6.30pm – Registration
6.30 – 6.40pm – Welcome address by Tan Wei Lin (Astronomy.SG)
6.40 – 7.10pm – Talk by Mr Jonathan Hung (SSTA)
7.10 – 7.30pm – Prize Presentation by Mr Cheong Chee Hoo (DSO)
7.30 – 8.30pm – Observation session at Science Centre Observatory (Optional)

If wish to join us for this event, please sign up here or email us (



Reflection: PolyAstro SideWalk

The day started with us carrying our stuff from the Alumni Clubhouse since block 73 is on lock down on Sundays  We waited at the LSCT foyer for the minibus to arrive and to our surprise, it came on time:)


Us in the bus:)


Chatting among ourselves while waiting for the skies to darken


Boards to educate the public about light pollution

2013-04-29 09.09.53

Organizer Tags!:D

IMG_6537Group photo – Photo Credit: Melcolm Lee

Although we could help out for less than 3 hours due to time constraints, It was a fun experience for all of us, being able to share our knowledge about astronomy and seeing how people were amazed to see Jupiter and Saturn through the telescope for the first time. There was also a kid who asked politely if he could use the scope. After a few seconds of peeking, he went on shouting “I CAN SEE SATURN! I CAN SEE SATURN!” then went off to look for his parents and drag them to take a look too haha. It’s all these small little things that make us feel meaningful in what we do and gives us the passion to carry on. This event was made possible thanks to Melcolm and also those from Singapore Polytechnic who came to helped out.

PolyAstro SideWalk@Vivocity

We’ll be having a sidewalk at Vivocity at 6pm – 9pm outside FoodRepublic. If you are interested in helping out, email us so we can give you the details. Do come down to support us or take a look because it will mean a lot to us. Thanks:)


Our observations location

Induction Day: Reflection


Group Photo – Photo Credit: Yuan Sheng

Hi new members! Hope that all of you learnt something useful from our presentation, about the various fields of astronomy and perhaps also help clear some doubts about the misconceptions of horoscopes haha. All of us, including the helpers and committee had fun and once again thanks for coming to make our day:) feel free to share with any of us the things that u might want to learn or hope we do in future with us:)


Observation session by the poolside – photo credit: Wee Jia Jing


Beautiful moon and super clear skies – photo credit: Wee Jia Jing