Induction Day


Hi Freshies!

First meeting will be on Friday 26 April at 6.45pm. Meeting place will be at Youth Academy(Above Gym)

Here’s what we’re going to do on that day:

1. An introduction to Astronomy
2. Ice breaking games
3. Observation session (Weather dependent)

The whole session will roughly end at around 9pm-10pm. Feel free to inform any of us if you need to leave early. We do understand that not everyone can stay late ;). After the session, we will go to the nearby King Albert Park for supper. Do come along if you are interested. That’s all about it. CCA Points will be given!

I do hope that all of you are as excited for the 1st meeting like how we are excited to meet all of you. Lastly, CHEERS on joining Astronomy! See you then :D

If you have any enquires or have any issues about the 1st meeting ( couldn’t find the venue, couldn’t make it, etc).

Contact us at:
96258405(Su jun)
91261965(Yu Xuan)


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