Dear Astronomers,

Thanks for coming down to our telescope workshop on Friday. Hope all of you learnt about the various types of telescopes and also the pros and cons of each type. Below are some of the overdue photos of the event haha.



FMS Attic:)

For this Friday 24 would not be having any session due to Vesak day and also on the following Friday 31 there would not be any sessions because the coming exams. We’ll be having an overnight cum BBQ session during our term break so do check your emails. See you guys and good luck for your exams.


Telescopes Workshop


Dear Astronomers,

This week’s workshop will be about telescopes. We will be covering about the science behind the various types of telescopes inthe market and also how to sucesssfully operate a telescope. The workshop will be on 17 May Friday at 6.30pm in LT 68D (Under Converntion Centre) Hope to see you guys there!

Workshop: Recognizing Constellation


Dear Astronomers,

For this week, we prepared a workshop about recognizing constellations for all of you. We will be covering about the history and cultural significance of some of the more common constellations and how to identify them in Singapore. After the workshop we will proceed on with our observation so you guys can try to apply what u learned and ask any questions you have in mind. You can download this month skymap over here. Please remember to bring your laptop as there will be some activities later on. The details of the workshop are stated below.

Date: 10 May Friday

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: LT 73-C

Hope to see you guys there!

Science Centre Trip



Thanks to those who came for our trip to Science Centre! Hope all enjoyed the trip. Seeing Saturn in a higher magnification and also saw other types of telescopes other than the one we usually use.