The Quadrantids 2014

The year 2013 is coming to an end. Other than celebrating the new year, you can look forward to the Quadrantids in 2014. The Quadrantids is a meteor shower and it is the first major meteor shower of the year. The meteor shower is named after the obsolete constellation Quadrans Muralis which is no longer valid in modern skies. The best place to view this heavenly spectacle would be the northern hemisphere as the radiant point of the meteor shower would be in the north, near the big dipper. As an added bonus, if you are in the eastern part of Asia you can stand a good chance of catching the Quadrantids. In fact, according to astronomers, those in eastern Asia have the best view of the shower.

Here is a basic guide on how to view the Quadrantids:

First of all, you may want to travel north if you live in the southern hemisphere.

Secondly, find a dark sky(away from city lights) to ensure maximum viewing pleasure.

Next, prepare a comfortable chair to lie down on while looking for the shooting stars.


The Quadrantids, unlike its more famous counterparts the Perseids and Germinids, its peak period lasts for only a few hours. Hence you would have to find the right moment to catch it in action. However, an average of about 50 to 100 meteors are expected to fall per hour this time, even more than the Geminids which has about 50 meteors per hour. The best time to view would be around after midnight to before dawn on 3rd or 4th January 2014. The region of the sky where the Quadrantids will be occurring is around the big dipper and the star Arcturus in the constellation Bootes.

All the best for tracking down the Quadrantids and wish all of you a happy new year ahead! :D


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