Current constellations visible

Here is our latest constellation update! Currently the Spring and Summer constellations are out and I will be going thru a few of them.

Scorpius (spring):


This beautiful constellation is best recognized by its most prominent star, Antares, which is a red giant (the red-orangy dot in the photo). This constellation is located right in the plane of the milky way, in the Sagittarius arm.


Ursa Major (spring)


The northern constellation, the Big Bear, with its famous asterism the Big Dipper. This asterism should be easy to spot even in a light polluted city.


Cygnus and the Summer Triangle (Summer)


Cygnus is another northern constellation and it is the 16th largest constellations in the sky. Deneb, one of Cygnus’ star forms one of the vertices of the Summer Triangle. The 2 other vertices are Vega from the constellation Lyra and Altair from the constellation Aquila.


Sagittarius (summer) 


Sagittarius lies in the milky way plane, beside Scorpius. It contains the asterism, the teapot. Interesting tip: you can see the constellation Corona Australis (Southern Crown) below Sagittarius :D


Crux (southern)


Another beautiful constellation the Crux (Southern Cross). It is also known as the holy cross of the sky. Sadly, those who live in the northern hemisphere cannot observe the Crux. Interesting tip: you can find Rigil Kentaurus, the nearest star system closest to our Sun near the Crux.

Want to see more constellations??? Well go out there and observe them! Haha. Hope you like the pictures though, I took them hehe

Thats all for this post, see you again next time! ^^